Is it important to use professional makeup brushes? I’ve always just used the ones that come with the products I buy.
This is probably common practice for a lot of people who buy cosmetics, but so often we find the applicators and brushes that come with products are subpar at best. A set of brushes can do wonders for the application of makeup, and the value of a good set should never be underestimated! The best news is a set of brushes does not have to cost you a small fortune—there are a multitude of options available at every price point. While most makeup brands have some sort of makeup tool offering, some of my absolute favourite brushes that I reach for daily were found at the drugstore. To get started, try this set from Quo ($20, at Shoppers Drug Mart), which features super-soft synthetic bristles and comes packaged up in a pouch. These brushes are extremely cost-effective given how well they perform, and because they’re not made of natural hair they won’t shed or, even worse, irritate your skin.