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Magento Theme Variations
Default color used in body, normal text...
The secondary color used in this theme
Line and border's color
Body Background
Background color used in body or main sections
Title Background
Background color used in title
General 2
Default color used in description text
Secondary 2
Another secondary color used in this theme
Line Secondary
Another Line and border's color
Content Background
Background color used in content sections
Title 2 Background
Background color used in other title
Heading, headline, title's color
Negative color used when text display on negative background
Line Third
Line color at Homepage
Hover Background
Background color used when hover in tag
Title Tab Background
Background color used in title tab
Box Shadow
Configure box shadow for box, widgets, slider.
Default: none
E.g. 0 0 5px #cccccc
Rounded Corner
Configure rounded corner for box, widgets, slider.
Default: none
E.g. 5px
Google Fonts
Import these google fonts
Select which google fonts should be imported to your site
Element Fonts
General Font
Font for body, content, text...
E.g. 12px/1.35 Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif
E.g. normal 22px/1.15 helvetica,arial,sans-serif
E.g. normal 20px/1.25 helvetica,arial,sans-serif
E.g. normal 18px/1.25 helvetica,arial,sans-serif
E.g. normal 16px/1.35 helvetica,arial,sans-serif
E.g. normal 14px/1.35 helvetica,arial,sans-serif
Default button style
E.g. background:#000000; border:1px solid #000000; color:#ffffff;
2nd button style
E.g. background:#ffffff; border:1px solid #cccccc; color:#1c1c1c;
Reset Apply Changes